"Kesey" Carlson/Wilt


Lyric's Merry Prankster TDX

Earning his TDX

Kesey at 10.5 years
11 Points/1 Major
Best of Breed Over Male Special

OFA Good

In Loving Memory
Feb. 15, 1995 - May 22, 2006

Kesey's water entry as a puppy . . .


. . . and as a young adult

(Photos by Steve Southard)


Retrieving a pigeon at 6 weeks old


With his "brother" U-CD Cassady CDX TD


Kesey earned his Tracking Dog title at 14 months old on his first try, and went on to earn his TDX. After winning 11 points with a major toward his Championship, he enjoyed an active life as a family companion to Kyla, Dave, Keller and Shea, along with his older "brother" Cassady.

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