CH Lyric's Black Rose CGC TDI

"Kady" Bower

In Memory, 4/90 -9/93

Kady at a year old

From her owners:

"Kady was Winners Bitch for a 4-point major from the puppy class at Chicago International Kennel Club show, and finished her Championship at 17 months of age. She is still loved and missed."

-- Ed and Nancy Bower, 1999 --

I am a pheasant hunter (partially disabled), and in 1993, we had two flat-coated retrievers. Coatie, a male, was about 6 years old and 75 lbs. Kady was a female, 2 years old, around 50 lbs. We were out hunting in a frozen marsh, or so I thought. As we walked along, the two dogs picked up a trail of a running pheasant. They took off, but never went more than 30 yards or so from me. As I hurried to keep up, all of a sudden I broke through the ice. We were nearing an island, and the ice must have been a lot thinner there. The water was 3 feet deep or so. I was wearing brush packs, heavy insulated pants, long johns and heavy socks. The temp that morning was 12 degrees. The first thing I did was whistle my dogs to come back to me, which they did immediately. I had a couple of 5-foot rope leads. I emptied my shotgun and threw it toward the island. Then I attached both ropes to the dogs and told them to go fetch. Using them as an anchor, I finally got one leg and foot out of the icy water, then finally after struggling for a while, got my other leg and foot out. I let the dogs loose, crawled to the island, gathered whatever I had and somehow made the 30-minute walk through fields, back to my van. I've never hunted a swamp since, only cornfields and windrows. Since then both Coatie and Kady have passed away from cancer. I'm sure I wouldn't have made it out of the ice without my two companions.

Ed, quoted from Discovery Channel: Pet Heroes

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