The ENDEAVOR "D" Litter (Boone x. Truly)
Born March 14, 2014, in Ohio
9 black puppies carrying liver (5 boys, 4 girls)

"Siren" Nootz (OH) at 7 weeks old
(female, formerly Peach Pie)
All of the Boone x. Truly puppies are in their new homes, and we wish them a lifetime of joy! Staying with her breeders, Mike and Marijo Nootz, is "Siren", formerly Miss Peach.

"Dash" Shults (MO) at 11 weeks old
(male, formerly Rhubarb Pie)

"Leila" Argenzio (MI) at 10 weeks old
(female, formerly Apple Pie)

"Cooper" Codner (OH) at 10 weeks old
(male, formerly Key Lime Pie)

"Shugee" Schuba (IL) at 9 weeks old
(male, formerly Shoofly Pie)

"Josie" Rabenold (OH) at 9 weeks old
(female, formerly Pumpkin Pie)

"Leo" Danaher (NY) at 9 weeks old
(male, formerly Pecan Pie)

"Daxter" Lamb (WA) at 9 weeks old
(male, formerly Blackberry Pie)

"Promise" Miller (OH) at 9 weeks old
(female, formerly Cherry Pie)

Boy puppy "Leo" Danaher at 8 weeks old
(formerly Pecan Pie)

Girl puppy "Promise" Miller at 8 weeks old
(formerly Cherry Pie)

"Cooper" Codner at 7 weeks old
(male, formerly Key Lime Pie)

"Siren" Nootz at 7 weeks old
(female, formerly Peach Pie)

Some of the puppies at 6 weeks old

Almost 5 weeks old

4 weeks old - first time outdoors!

3 weeks old

2 weeks old

2 weeks old

9 days old

5 days old

3 days old

2 days old
Truly and newborns
Feb 4 ultrasound
The first puppy photo!
Photos of Truly and Boone are here

Ch. Brown Keston of Varingo (England)
Waverton Toby Ale of Varingo (England)
Ch. Waverton Madeira (England)
Casblaidd Don't Pay the Ferryman SDC-A SG-WC (England - "Noof")
Shargleam Souwester of Withybed SDC'A' (England)
Casblaidd Duty Free SDC (England)
Gunmakers Columbine (England)
GCh. Flashback's Sweet Talkin' Guy CD RE JH NAJ WC CGC VFCR1 ("Boone")
BISS Am/Can CH Snowdown Canis Major CD ("Major")
Ch. SR SHR U-CDX U-AGI Blazin's Back O' The Moon UD RN JH AX NAP NJP WCX CGC TT HOF ("Cosmo")
Ch. SR Lyric Queen Of The Mountain CDX JH NA NAJ WCX CGC Can CD WC ("Ravin")
Ch. Claymore's Live, Love, Laugh NA NAJ NAP NJP NAC OJC NGC TN-O CGC Can. AGN ("Snicker")
Am/Can Ch. Essex Whispers of Grousemoor Can CD Am/Can WC (Canada - "Tomas")
Ch. WR Lyric's Kay CD SH WCX CGC TDI ("Katie")
Ch. SR U-CD U-AGI Whisper Winds Always Harmony UD TD SH OA WCX CGC TDI Can CD WCI HOF ("Waylynn")
Almanza Screwdriver ("Carson")
Athercroft Gleauxz N the Dark ("Douglass")
Ch. Athercroft Dieux U Love Me ("Swoozie")
Ch. Destiny What A Sport RN ("Irish")
Ch. Athercroft Vieux Dieux ("Lamont")
Ch. Destiny Quiet Sensation CGC ("Whisper")
Ch. Destiny Hurricane At Shimney ("Holly")
SHR UH U-CD UKC/AKC Ch Endeavor Best Kept Secret CD JH RA AX AXJ NF WC ("Truly")
Ch. HR Grousemoor Northern Song CDX TDX SH WCX ("Max")
Ch. Brandybuck Flash Crossraguel CDX JH WC HOF ("Flash")
Ch. Bete Noir Call The Wind CD ("Myriah")
Ch. Endeavor A Street Car Name Desire ("Stella")
Ch. Brandybuck Eclipse JH ("Stickhead")
Ch. Echoic Indiscretion CDX JH OA OAJ WCX ("Secret")
Ch. Adlehard Xtra Sizzle ("Sizzle")

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